Reverence, Beauty, Courage, Strength

As parents, we spend a lot of time thinking about how best to occupy our daughter Cora's time.  This is a very personal decision, and there are no right or wrong answers, even for children that are in the same family.  While it's no surprise that we've decided to enroll her in our family's school, we'd like to share with you what we see as the benefits, in addition to pure enjoyment, of enrolling your child in a classical ballet program like ours.  We strongly believe that cultivating reverence, a sense of beauty, courage, and strength in a child is essential to preparing them for a rich and rewarding life.



- the basis of character.  
A feeling of reverence for those around you and the work you are doing provides a life with inner meaning and sustenance.


- or the ability to perceive it.  
The wisest people throughout history have said it time and again.  Beauty is everywhere.  We only need to see it.


- every generation inherits a world with unique challenges.  
Having reverence and a sense of beauty develops our children's strong inner core, making them capable of engaging the world as their genuine self, regardless of whether it is easy or popular.


- because courage without strength is like a tree branch without a trunk.  
Children must learn that great accomplishments are not achieved through brief fits of strenuous effort, but through consistency, discipline and endurance.  It is important for children to experience the sense of freedom and confidence that comes from self- discipline.