RAB Youth Company

The RAB Youth Company is a student ballet company, and its mission is to train dancers on a professional level.  Admission is by audition only, and it is for students at the Beginning Ballet level and up who want to delve deeper into the art of ballet.  Click here to email us with any questions or to schedule an audition.  


Through more classes, rehearsal time, and exposure to other forms of dance, students can expect to develop more mastery of their technique and artistry at an accelerated rate. Ballet, Pointe and Variations form the core of the curriculum, but Contemporary, Jazz and Modern are included as essential supplements, preparing dancers for the kind of repertoire they will face in a professional company.  In addition to “The Nutcracker,” and our Spring Show, company members will perform three additional short performances for the local community each year.  


Classes are demanding, and expectations for company members are high, but this work is endlessly rewarding, and dancers wind up forming friendships that last a lifetime.  

Classes begin on September 7th.

Contact us to schedule a placement class.